Wait-A-While Copper Moonshine Stills for Sale

  • Come at discount prices
  • 1 - 3 Month Shipping 
  • Lifetime Warranty


Wait-A-While Copper Still Description

We have built our business on our 1 -3  Weeks commitment to get our product out the door in less than three weeks. Well, many years have passed, and it seems as though we always hit the same snag every busy season where we just can't keep up with demand.  This is because during holiday seasons everyone is ordering their units for holiday gifts and they need them on time and fast.  This creates an atmosphere where we need to raise prices to curb demand.  

WAW offers a much larger selection of products for you to choose from, and, at much better prices than our standard units.  We would like to stress that if you decide to go with WAW shipping, you are getting the same exact moonshine still if you would have gotten if you paid more to get it fast.  WAW shipping gets you’re your product in 1-3 months , not 1 -3 Weeks. 

Some of the price differences you will see will be drastic.  Take advantage of huge price differences if you see them.  They are the same unit you would receive if you paid full price, but you have to “wait a while” .  This gives our shop the time we need to mass produce the units for everyone to have in time for the holidays.  We love custom orders and tweaking peoples units to fit their needs, but this takes time and unfortunately every year it seems like we get too caught up in custom orders to keep up with the demand for our standard units.  That being said, most of all of the custom orders we receive will automatically qualify for WAW.

Sale price $ 1.00 Regular price $ 489.00 Sale
Sale price $ 1.00 Regular price $ 515.00 Sale
Sale price $ 1.00 Regular price $ 799.00 Sale
Sale price $ 1.00 Regular price $ 789.00 Sale
Sale price $ 1.00 Regular price $ 799.00 Sale