10 Gallon + Completely Built + Copper Moonshine / Liquor Still WITH Upgraded Thumper and Worm

The Distillery Network Inc.

An Upgraded Thumper and Worm Kit gives you the opportunity to ...
1. Upgrade to up to a 35 gallon pot in the future.
2. Has two hose hook ups to cool the worm much more efficiently. One Hose In / One Hose Out.
3. Has a larger drain on the thumper to clean it out easier.
4. The Thumper is 9 x9 inches cylindrically and the worm is a little larger
5. The worm has many more coil spins for maximum cooling power.
All of our Moonshine Stills are complete and ready to use. There is Zero soldering work to be performed. All of our products are built with the highest quality parts and materials. We take pride in our work and offer on all of our products , a lifetime warranty. This is a 10 gallon complete moonshine still. The pot diameter is 12 inches . The thumper is 9 x 9 inches cylindrical and the worm is 9 x 11 inches . The worm coil has at least 7 spins for maximum cooling power.
*****SHIPPING***** The unit will be in the box and shipped out of our shop within 1 - 2 weeks. This means we need 1 - 2 weeks to get the unit out of the shop and out for shipment. Therefore, your unit should arrive within 30 days or less. Our prices reflect the time it takes to build the unit as well as the cost of the materials. Our prices fluctuate constantly, therefore, if you want the best price make sure you call a customer service representative to negotiate.
*****All of our units are sold in terms of CAPACITY, this means that if it is listed as a 10 gallon moonshine still, that means you can fill it up with 10 gallons of mash, which will end up giving you whatever your alcohol content is inside the pot.  Example, if you have a 10 gallon pot, and 10% alcohol by volume in your mash, and you distill it, you will end up getting 1 gallon of pure liquor.   Please also note, just because it says "moonshine still" doesn't mean it only makes moonshine.  These units make a VERY wide range of spirits.  As well as so much more...*****