13 Gallon Stainless Steel Still (Dual Purpose, 3")

The Distillery Network Inc.

This still is our 13-gallon milk can boiler and 3" stainless steel dual purpose still tower combined to save you money and create one incredible moonshine still. This dual purpose moonshine still can be run as a reflux still allowing you to create a very high purity moonshine. The 13-gallon stainless steel still can also be used as a traditional pot still by running water through only the condenser. If you are a serious moonshine distiller or want to become a serious moonshine distiller, who is looking to buy a still that can do anything, this is just what you need!

Additionally, if you are looking to distill moonshine in a truly authentic way, this dual purpose moonshine still can be heated over an open fire. Granted, you will need to purchase some wooded property with access to a creek (sold separately) and you can use a gravity system to feed in creek water for the condenser. There is nothing quite like sitting by the creek with the scent of wood smoke in your nose, and the taste of fresh moonshine on your lips. Of course, you should only do this if you have the appropriate permitting and wish to enjoy your stainless steel moonshine still in the most authentic way!


How to assemble your moonshine still:

For additional information on how to assemble your 13-gallon stainless steel still, check out our blog post on "assembling your dual purpose moonshine still tower" or our "How to Set Up Your Dual Purpose Reflux Still" video for detailed directions. Additionally, you can check out our video on "how to run a dual purpose still tower."

This stainless steel moonshine still includes: