13 Gallon Stainless Steel Still (Pot Still, 3")

The Distillery Network Inc.

  • Are you looking for the highest quality whiskey still for sale? Then, look no further than this stainless steel distiller! This 13 gallon still is a favorite among small commercial distilleries who want to start distilling whiskey.

    This stainless steel distiller is the combination of our 13-gallon stainless steel milk can boiler and our 3" stainless steel traditional pot still head to save you money and create a beautiful whiskey still that is a work of art. When we are constructing these stills, quality is of paramount importance so that you receive nothing but the highest quality pot still for whiskey on the market. The large 13-gallon still reduces the risk of boiling your wash through the column, making it ideal for use with all-grain whiskey mash, and the still head itself is engineered to allow a high volume and flavor throughout.

    Not that it is possible for many, but the addition of some wooded property with access to a creek (sold separately) will bring out the most authentic distilling experience. This stainless steel 13 gallon still is perfectly capable of being used outdoors; heated over an open fire, using a gravity system to feed in creek water for the condenser. There is nothing quite like sitting next to your moonshine still with the sound of the creek in your ears, smell of wood smoke in your nose, and the taste of fresh white dog (unaged whiskey) on your lips. Of course, please do this only do this if you have the appropriate permitting and wish to enjoy your new whiskey still in the traditional American way!

    This whiskey still includes: