8 Gallon Stainless Steel Still (Pot Still, 2")

The Distillery Network Inc.

Do you want to make high-quality homemade moonshine? Then, go no further! This moonshine pot still for sale is perfect for the small-scale distiller.

This still for making homemade moonshine is the combination of our 8-gallon stainless steel milk can boiler and our 2" stainless steel traditional pot still head to save you money and create a beautiful homemade moonshine still that is a work of art. We recognize that the quality of the still is as important as the homemade moonshine produced by it. This means that you receive nothing but the highest quality and easy to use still on the market. This 8-gallon stainless steel still is small and compact, making it perfect for producing 5-gallon batches of homemade moonshine.

Pot still for sale includes: