Affordable - 85% Built - Craft Distillation Unit

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What is an Affordable-85? 

Please Read The Description Thoroughly.

Our Flagship Line, built 85%.  This is our Affordable85 Model.  We call it this because it is only built 85% of the way complete. The customer needs to finish the unit on their own time.  This is actually a great feature because no two distilling station set ups are the same and this Affordable85 Model actually gives you the chance to build your unit complete to the correct measurements you need for your distilling station.  You will need to go to the store and buy the copper pipe and the fittings.  You will need to also solder the pieces and finish the unit, but, keep in mind that our company has already completed the hard work for you.  We recently purchased a competitors unit to see how they could possibly offer such low prices, and now we know why.  They use thinner copper and do not complete their unit.  This in our opinion should really be called a kit, but i guess that is a story for another day.  Our Affordable85 Model is affordable, but not cheap.  A copper moonshine still built by American Copper Works is made in the USA from American Workers.

We Build the hard stuff.


You Solder The Rest.


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