Hot Rod Pro 18 Gallon Aroma

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Distillation system of a professional series with a volume of a distillation vessel per 18 Gallons 

Completeness of this system:

  • Distillation Vessel 18 Gallons x 1 pcs.
  • Aroma Column 4 ″ x 1 pc.
  • Copper Helmet 4 ″ x 1 pcs.
  • Copper cone (air dephlegmator) 4 ″ / 2 ″ x 1 pc.
  • Reflegmator 2 ″ x 1 pc.
  • Transition to 180 ° 2 ″ x 1 pc.
  • Cooler 2 ″ x 1 pc.
  • Power controller with thermocouple sensors
  • Set of clamp clamps and silicone gaskets
  • A set of fittings and push connectors for connecting water
  • PVC / PU hoses for water connection x 10 meters
  • TEN capacity of 4.5 kW x 1 pcs.
  • Instructions for use x 1 pc.

Hot Rod Distiller is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to produce high-quality alcohol in sufficient quantities.

This system is modular and created by experienced designers to obtain a large degree of flexibility in the production process, as well as enjoyment of the results.

The process of manufacturing high-quality distillate is quite complicated. In all stages of preparation, starting with the selection of raw materials and ending with the distillation and purification of the finished product, many components are involved, it requires a careful approach and the strictest adherence to technology.

The key to achieving the expected result is modern equipment of the highest quality, which has flexible technological capabilities.

Universal distiller «Hot Rod», is designed to produce both aromatic distillates (whiskey, brandy, grappa, bourbon) and neutral rectified alcohol.

Key equipment benefits:

  • Quick-release clamp connections ensure process hygiene and ease of disassembly-assembly of the device;
  • High diopter and / or aromacolon cause easy visual control of the process;
  • Due to the high contact area of ​​the copper surfaces of the helmet and the cone, the final product receives high-quality cleaning from sulfur and phlegm impurities;
  • The total height of the column provides a wide temperature gradient for better fractional distillation and eliminates the possibility of hijacking in the final product;
  • A convenient power control and two digital thermometers make it easy to exercise fine control over the distillation process;
  • The quick exhaust valve prevents the risk of overpressure;
  • The water reflux condenser allows distillation also in rectification mode;
  • All items in contact with the product are made of food grade AISI 304 stainless steel, food grade M1 copper or heat resistant quartz glass;
  • The principle of "LEGO" makes it possible to easily connect additional components (alcohol lamp, gin basket, pot-style, etc. ...);
  • Equipped with 12 mm quick-detachable push-fittings for convenient and quick water connection;
  • Due to effective cooling, economical use of water is achieved;
  • Warranty service - 24 months;

Together with the equipment you will receive instructions for use, our technical and technological support, as well as answers to your questions. 
We will be happy to advise you individually on the technological process to achieve your goal. 
In addition to you, we support a warehouse of consumables, raw materials and spare parts, which allows you to organize support in a short time.