Stainless 3 "X1.5" Gin and Condenser Package

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Hot Rod Distiller is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to produce high-quality alcohol in sufficient quantities.This system is modular and created by experienced designers to obtain a large degree of flexibility in the production process, as well as enjoyment of the results.The process of manufacturing high-quality distillate is quite complicated. In all stages of preparation, starting with the selection of raw materials and ending with the distillation and purification of the finished product, many components are involved, it requires a careful approach and the strictest adherence to technology.The key to achieving the expected result is modern equipment of the highest quality, which has flexible technological capabilities.Universal distiller «Hot Rod», is designed to produce both aromatic distillates (whiskey, brandy, grappa, bourbon) and neutral rectified alcohol.Key equipment benefits: 



Cooler 1.5 "" 500 mm x 1 pcs. ;

Parrot 1.5 "" Professional x 1 pcs. ;

Gin basket 3 "" Pro x 1 pcs. ;

Clamp clamp with silicone gasket 1.5 "" x 2 pcs.