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Our “Sharp Model” is built a lot differently than our standard units our followers have grown to love and admire. Our sharp model is sharp, you could cut yourself, so watch out! The Sharp model will make the same quality moonshine than our other models. You may be asking yourself, why are we going to offer a “Sharp” model anyways. Well, we have been building copper moonshine stills since 2012 and we have had hundreds of phone calls come in and ask, “why would we buy your unit for $500, when vengeance stills is at $300.

We want to offer the customers a comparable model. It is very hard to tell what you are buying when buying a still online. Hopefully, we can provide clarity to the subject. For many years we trash talked the sharp style stills online and said that ours were superior, and we still believe it. However, after long sleepless nights, we decided that back in the day, out in the woods, or grandparents and great grand parents didn’t give a shit about folded edges, they wanted moonshine. This, is why we are ok with offering you a “Sharp” Model.

We are calling it the “Sharp Model” because we want everyone to know that they are buying a completely separate unit when you compare it to our standard copper stills. Our standard units have all of the bends, folds, embossments to make it stronger and not have sharp edges. Our Sharp Models have sharp edges, no embossing, and no folds on any of the pieces, just like you see from our competitors. We were astonished when we first started building the sharp models because of how fast it was to build them versus our standard style. It is NO WONDER why our competitors like Vengeance Stills and North Georgia Stills have no problem selling $300 moonshine stills, all of the skill to the craft had disappeared!!.

Once again, we were amazed at how fast it was to manufacture a sharp model versus a standard model. Both Models will make the same quality shine, within the same amount of time, you just got to watch out, because she’s “Sharp”. Lets take a look at our competitors to see exactly how they are able to offer a $300 moonshine still to the public and make it seem like its such a great deal.

Our Competitors sell Cheaply Priced Units because…..

1. The edges are all sharp. They just slap the unit together as fast as they can to keep up with the overwhelming demand of customers wanting affordable priced distillation units. This is great, until the customer receives the unit only to find out that it is incomplete and missing fittings and that you need to solder some pieces on. To us, we call this a kit. A kit is an Incomplete unit. And when you buy a still from our competitors, that is what you receive. They don’t make it easy for you to see, but, if you read the fine print, the lovely $300 moonshine still you are going to buy still needs work to be completed. And, time is money.

2. 16 oz. copper used versus the 20 oz. copper that everyone else uses. They offer their units at a discounted rate at first, showing an affordable complete still, but, then you find out that its 16 oz. copper which is 25% less thick than the 20 oz. copper. They will try and upsell you for the thicker copper, charging an extra $99 for legit $10 in extra materials.
This is how our competitors are able to offer units that seem like such a great deal. Its is a great deal, until you receive it, and need to go to the hardware store for some fittings which you may or may not find, as well as soldering your unit complete. Testing the unit also takes time which our competitors most likely do not do since their units are In complete. **Also, if you look at their electric elements, sure, they offer electric options, but is it really what you need?

What we see is companies offering just the element, which you plug right into the wall, there is no way to control the heat, it just keeps getting hotter and hotter and then when you think the still is hot enough, you unplug it from the wall, then when you want more heat, you plug it back in. It makes sense if you like to waste time and have patience, and its also cheap.
Only $80 versus our standard electric element and controller which costs $250. This has been a huge hurdle for us to explain to the potential customer and we decided, heck, if you cant beat them, join them. Now, we offer that option as well. Inexpensive Stills and Inexpensive Electric.

3. Labor gets saved, copper gets saved, what else gets saved? How come the competitors can offer cheap units but ACW can’t? We took a long hard look at this subject. High end? Or Low end? Folds, or Not. Electric or not. We are always asking our customers questions to make sure we are offering the best products. The bottom line is that the majority of customers entering a new hobby are NOT trying to spend top dollar on something they may not even enjoy. This is why we have introduced the Sharp Model. This unit will be a lot easier to build, it will give the customer the opportunity to enter the market without hurting their pockets.


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