Massive Stills

Buy a Large Whiskey Still for Sale for The Alcohol Distiller

  • Great size for aspiring alcohol distillers or those trying to go the professional route
  • 30 Gallon and above come with two boxes
  • Better price to size ratio than the smaller and mid-sized stills
  • Comes with Instructions on how to completely assembly

The Distillery Network Inc. builds stills up to 240 Gallons.  

A Massive moonshine still will be sure to brighten up your year.  Why buy a tiny 20 gallon when you can get a 100 gallon unit for only a little more money.

 Go big or go home is what we always say... That is exactly why we are proud to present our lineup of "Massive Stills" brought to you exclusively from American Copper Works.

Sale price $ 1,299.00 Regular price $ 1,499.00 Sale
Sale price $ 1,499.00 Regular price $ 1,799.00 Sale