Craft Distillers Renaissance

The Craft Distillers Renaissance:

Join the Craft Distilling Revolution and Order a Copper Moonshine Still online easily and discreetly.  All units are sipped directly to your door via fed ex in a timely manner.  A 20 Gallon Moonshine Still can make up to 4 gallons of Moonshine.  That's alot of rocket fuel. Copper moonshine stills are used for more than just Moonshine.   You can make your own ethanol gas, perfumes, fragrances, essential oils, distilled water.  Have you tested your well water?  How much money do you spend on bottled water ever year?  These are all things to think about when considering purchasing this "tool for survival".  Copper stills for sale online from American Copper Works always come with a lifetime warranty.  Buy a moonshine still online from us and buy direct from the manufacturer.  All of our units are leak tested and shipped discreetly.  We do not report any sales to any government agencies and we have never had a customer call us and say they got in trouble with our unit.  Please be careful with what you are doing here.  You could burn your house down if you aren't paying attention.
We manufacture 2 gallon units up to commercial grade 300 gallon craft distillation units and ship them worldwide.  Our whiskey stills for sale will help you make high proof product, easily averaging 170 proof every run because of our thumper / doubler.  Our units are THICK.  20 oz. sheet copper is used and is made here in the USA.  All of our units and fittings are made here in the USA.  All of our craftsmen are American Workers and if you purchase from us YOU are buying an American Still.  Craft Distillation Equipment may be sold locally, but if you buy from us you will get support for life.  You can call us and ask us any question, at any time 

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copper still
A Copper Still is important when distilling, the copper actually makes your finished product taste better believe it or not!    You can buy a stainless steel copper moonshine still which is most likely made in China, or you can buy a good old fashioned, American Made Craft Distillation Unit.