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Our Moonshine Stills are designed with customer satisfaction in mind.  The Copper is the purest copper we can get our hands on.  We buy it direct from Paul Revere.  The Copper comes in 3ft x 10 ft sheets and the get placed on our cutting table at our shop in Manchester New Hampshire.  Our highly skilled craftsman accurately measures and cuts each piece needed to build the correct sized moonshine still.  Once the piece is cut, the piece is then moved over the bending station.  The piece is the bent and folded over 180 degrees.  We do this for added structural integrity as well as to reduce the risk of the customer cutting themselves while maneuvering our product.  All of our edges are folded over and none of the edges are sharp.  Once the edges are folded over, the piece is ready to get put through the rolling machine.  This machine rolls the sheet copper into a cylindrical shape.  Once inspected, the piece is then moved over to the embossing station.  The craftsman accurately embosses the piece which will leave the part ready to clamp and solder.   Before we clamp and solder we ensure we have all of the other pieces needed, like the circles for the bottoms, the cones, the tubing kits, the fittings, the coil, and the unit is placed on the table for the copper smith to build the product, by hand.  The pot body gets installed to the cone, which gets installed to the cap.  The hole is drilled on the right side of the cap for the lyne arm to get inserted.  The lyne arm travels down at a 45 degree angle and connects to the thumper using a spin union.  The tubing travels through the thumper on the left side almost all the way down to the bottom and is cut at a 45 degree angle for maximum efficiency while distilling.  Coming out of the thumper, the tubing continues its way towards the worm which is the final piece to the moonshine still.  Before getting to the worm there is another spin union.  This is placed there to make it easy to take the thumper out and run the pot directly to the worm.  All of our units are interchangeable.  Once we get to the worm we focus on installing the coil.  The condensing coil is the final process for the steam which is traveling through the moonshine still.  We install two hose hook ups on the right side of the worm so the customer can run water in and out to continuously be able to run fresh water through the worm for maximum cooling power.  The pot size advertised is the capacity of the pot.  The lyne arm is 1 inch diameter.  The tubing for the rest of the unit is ½ inch.  The coil for the condenser is 3/8 of an inch.  All of our thumper and worms are 9x9 and 9x 11 inches respectively.  Our copper smiths can build two units per day.  We do not rush our workers.  We inspect every piece and grind down all rough edges and imperfections.  Our units are then tested with a quick water test, as well as a quick fire test to ensure she has been primed.  The customer will still need to clean the insides.


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