Why Would I Buy A Moonshine Kit?

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American Copper Works offers Moonshine Kits which give the customer the ability to build a distillation unit from the comfort of his or her own home. Discretely, you could receive a pre-cut and formed Moonshine Kit from the experts in the industry. Not only could you spend time away from the daily hustle and bustle building something cool in the garage, you could also use the opportunity to spend time with your family or friends.

Ask the son or daughter to help you build the still and have a memorable bonding experience that money can’t buy. Convenient, economical and affordable. A Moonshine Still will help you save thousands of dollars. We waste money every day on bottled water, perfume, gas, LIQUOR. Take control of your life, and your moonshine still. Build it yourself to be certain that the unit is built to your approval.

Why would you buy a moonshine kit?

The possibility of getting in trouble from the wife or girl or law enforcement for buying a pile of metal pieces offline is slim. A moonshine still is a tool for survival. You could buy it, and keep it in the closet for a SHTF (shit hits the fan) Scenario. Everything you need to build the distillation unit will be in the box for whenever you are ready to use it to save your family from a natural disaster. The price differences between a “Complete” moonshine still , and a “KIT” moonshine still is remarkable. You can Pay top dollar and get a fully built 10 Gallon Complete Moonshine Still for $550 or you could buy a Kit, a 10 Gallon You Solder KIT for $300.

The Price savings speak for themselves. It usually takes 8 hours or less to complete the moonshine still from start to finish. With two people you can cut the build time in half and save yourself some really good money for the holiday seasons. Spend the money on yourself, spend the money on your family. Spend your time with your friends with a Moonshine Still Built From American Copper Works https://americancopperworks.com/collections/diy-kits


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