Why Copper For My Craft Moonshine Still?

Posted by Jonathan Zajac on

Why Copper?

Copper has been being used for hundreds of years for a reason.  Copper makes your liquor taste better.  The Distillery Network uses the highest quality copper available, from America.  20 Oz. 22 Gaga thickness is standard in our shop.  We do not use the thin 16 oz. stuff like the other guys do.  You get the highest quality shine when using our copper pots, thumpers worms and caps.  Nothing makes a traditional Appalachian moonshine still shine brighter than a copper still the same style the old timers used back in the day.  Copper is widely used in all areas of distillation, even commercial distilleries.  Here are some of the reasons why copper is far superior than stainless steel moonshine stills and why it makes your liquor taste so good.  Copper reacts with alcohol on a molecular level. Producing a chemical reaction, removing the sulfur compounds resulting naturally from fermenting yeast.  Sulfur is not good for your liquor and if its in there, you will be able to taste it.  Copper gets the sulfur out!   Copper not only makes your shine taste better, it also helps heat up the still more consistently.  Copper is a great thermal conductor which makes it a great material to build a moonshine still out of.  Perfect for fast heat up and also easily condensing the vapors.

- Amazingly, copper has proven antimicrobial effects. Copper kills bacteria and viruses.  Copper makes your liquor taste better.  A steel still is easier to clean, but don’t you want cleaner liquor?  Some people just drink to get drunk, others drink because of the overall experience.  Don’t take our word for it, try both and see for yourself!


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