You know what really “lights my still”?

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What really lights my still is the fact that barely anyone has ever been informed that moonshine is essentially the same thing as GAS (ETHANOL).  People don’t understand that they can actually produce their own gas.  This is the reason I have said on numerous occasions that a copper moonshine still is an essential tool which every household should own as part of their personal emergency contingency plan. 

By distilling fermentable materials, one can create an ETHANOL GASOLINE sufficient to power even the biggest of internal combustion gasoline engines.  IF you have your own copper moonshine still, you can heat your home throughout the cold winter months.  If you have a copper moonshine still, you can make the fuel to run a generator and power an air conditioner throughout the hot summer months. Our copper moonshine stills are an essential tool that can make the difference in the survival for you and your family in the event of natural or man made disaster.  If you don’t own a still made from copper you’re doing yourself a dis-service.  It really lights my still knowing that people could make their own alcohol for use as fuel and personal medicinal uses , but haven't been adequately informed. A copper moonshine still can also purify water and extract essential oils necessary for survival. 

It really scorches my mash to know that everyday people can make their own gas and don’t even know it.  On your stove-top, you can harness the power to create so many consumable products in your own kitchen, you can create your own everything.  "You have the power to create power."  IF you think about it, that's a pretty powerful statement. A Copper Moonshine Still can make gas, which runs generators, which run the electric heating element for the copper moonshine still, which makes the gas.  Here at The Distillery Network Inc., we think about stuff like that, A LOT.  The possibilities are endless.

2016 has proven to be the unleashing of a storm hobby distillers Nationwide. We have people of all backgrounds and walks of life from all across the country that are showing an intense interest in the possibilities of using a copper moonshine still to supply the highest grade ethanol gas to ensure sustainability in the event that the "SHTF". If you don't own a still, we can hook you up with your own. Give us a call at 603-997-6786 and see how easy and affordable it can be. Compare our stills to the other stills out there and you will see the highest quality product at the best price. Shop the rest and Buy the Best.



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