Moonshine Distiller - 2 Gallon

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All models are our base models, the same ones we have been building for the past 7 years.   Over the years we have developed add-ons which we know you will love.  Let’s talk about your first or last Made In America Copper Moonshine Still.  


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2 Gallon Moonshine Still - Complete Liquor Still

2 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still, 0.6 Gallons of Liquor Capacity

This is a complete Liquor Still which includes the...
 POT, THUMPER, WORM, and CAP with Temperature Gauge, built with 100% lead free materials.


Pot and Cap – 2 Gallons

Thumper – 6x6 inches 

Worm –7x10 inches 



17 pounds


Copper Thickness

20 oz. 22 Gauge Pure Organic Copper Sheets (Lead Free)



-Distilled, Purified Water (turn salt water into fresh water)
-Moonshine and other Distilled Spirits
- Essential oils and Perfumes
-Ethanol Gas (make your own Gas to run engines or heat your home)
-Marinade for meats and poultry
Plus Much, Much More!!!

Estimated Output

Formula for calculating mash output: Alcohol by Volume x Pot filled with product

Example 1 – Weak Mash (i.e. Wine) = 11% Alcohol by Volume

Expected Output = 11% x 2 Gallons = 0.22 gallons of liquor
Example 2 – Stronger Mash = 30% Alcohol by Volume
Expected Output = 30% x 2 Gallons = 0.6 gallons of liquor 


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We specialize in the manufacturing and production of COPPER MOONSHINE STILLS, which are handcrafted to perfection!  Made using heavy gauge copper and lead free solder, our units are built to last. All of our units are water tested and have ZERO leaks.

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We also do custom orders.

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All of our units come with a lifetime warranty from American Copper Works.


Alcohol distillation at its finest. Distilling out of a copper alcohol still is the only way to go when it comes to perfectly brewed liquor. Our liquor stills are built to last, we use only the finest 99.9% pure lead free copper sheets sourced locally in the USA. American Copper Works knows how to make stills. You can easily set up your own home distillery. A copper still could save your life, so, go ahead and brew some moonshine. This is a true Appalachian pot still. Call us to buy home distillery equipment from the best in the business. Have you seen the Moonshiners show? buy a moonshine still here , we have stills for sale. You can make whiskey, bourbon, rum, and much much more. 


 How to put together your 2 Gallon Moonshine Still 

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