Electric Heating Option. 2 Gallon Copper Still.

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110v Hotplate For 2 Gallon Copper Moonshine/Liquor Stills 

110v Variable Controlled Hot Plate
This hot plate is best used for our 2 gallon copper moonshine stills.   Heating your unit with electricity has never been this easy.  Now all you have to do is just plug right into your 110v wall outlet and start distilling.  We take pride in all of our products at The Distillery Network Inc.  Thats why we use only one manufacturer of our electrical components.  With over 50 years of combined experience, Chuck and his team are able to deliver on the highest quality electrical components at the most affordable prices.
Plug and play your moonshine still TODAY!!!
*****SHIPPING***** The unit will be in the box and shipped out of our shop within 2 - 4 Weeks. This means we need 2 - 4 Weeks to get the unit out of the shop and out for shipment. Therefore, your unit should arrive within 30 days or less. Our prices reflect the time it takes to build the unit as well as the cost of the materials. Our prices fluctuate constantly, therefore, if you want the best price make sure you call a customer service representative to negotiate.

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