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This is our NEW Professional Line of Distillation Equipment.  All of the copper POTS are Manufactured in the USA.  But not the copper reflux parts.  The Reflux and all other components are imported from Europe.


 What you are looking at here is the highest end distillation unit on the market place. Hot Rod Distiller International USA is the Premier manufacturer of top and distillation equipment and accessories. Our highly trained professionals know exactly what professional distillers are looking for and we are proud to offer our products to you.


 Hot Rod Distiller International USA specializes in reflux style disolation. Our stainless and copper vessels are very thick and are built for lifetime satisfaction. We have all the tools and accessories that you need to master your craft whether you're a hobbyist distiller or commercial distiller. Our sizes range from 8 gallons to 500 gallons and can be shipped direct to your door. Here at Hot Rod Distiller International USA we do not just use regular silver solder we legitimately use real silver.   We specialize in a welding process known to few that leaves the highest grade shine you can imagine when it comes to copper and silver. Check out the pictures for yourself and you will surely see the difference in the weld joints. Here at HRD we strive to bring the customer the best quality products and service; this includes safety as well. All of our units come standard, automatically with electric heating element and controller included with the purchase. Every purchase will come with an electric heating element or controller, unless specifically requested otherwise. We feel as though an electric distillation unit gives the customer a more versatile experience while distilling . We have many  satisfied customers all throughout the world and we are waiting for you to send us your requirements for your next Top End Professional Distillation Equipment purchase from Hot Rod Distiller International USA.


 Hot Rod Distiller International USA wants to give the customer the most versatile experience with our products. All of our units will be able to connect to a standard issue regular beer keg that you can get locally. This gives the customer the chance to get into a professional distillation unit  at a more affordable option. With a simple stainless steel tri clamp and gasket which we provide, you will be able to hook up your Hot Rod Distiller product directly to a stainless steel keg and start distilling immediately upon arrival of your package.  Please, make sure that your keg is stainless steel and it is not aluminum.

 If you are looking for an alternative to the Chinese distillation units available you are looking at the right company. Over the years, we have seen the Chinese take advantage of the distillation market place.  Now, thanks to President Trump's tariff war, the tide has turned.   Hot Rod Distiller  International USA is open for business , and we are looking forward to answering  your questions  on our distillation  units.



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