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An Advanced Copper Moonshine Still built by American Copper Works is the best product that we produce.  This is our high end model and has all of the add-on's and accessories needed to put this copper still in a class of its own.  Advanced Units automatically come with our patent pending Flame Flow Technology built into the pot which reduces scorching for a finer tasting liquor.  Our Advanced units also come pre-installed with blow off valves, extra temperature gauges, thicker copper, larger drain plugs, upgraded thumper and worm sizes, upgraded size of pipes, upgraded size of condensing coil.  Advanced Units come Highly polished, it takes around 2 hours to polish by hand.   If you are looking for a high quality, top end, Advanced Moonshine Still then look no further.  American Copper Works Advanced Moonshine Still Model will not disappoint you.



Patent approval acceptance speech from Jonathan zajac


Did you know that around the time hospitals in USA started implementing their own moonshine stills to make antiseptic, the mortality rate of the country dropped significantly? The benefits of owning a distiller outweigh the fact you can make some great liquor. Moonshine is essentially the same thing as ethanol gas. There’s so much they don’t want us to know and I am here to help us all. Time is something I have always tried to master. Saving time is saving money and saving money means more fun or safety for yourself and your family. I can proudly announce that as of today, march 27th 2020 Our PATENTED flame flow technology has saved our roughly 400 flame flow model customers around 28,000 minutes. This equals roughly 466 hours or 19 days in saved time. This is time that can be used to spend more time prepping your run, more time on your other hobbies, or more importantly spending more time with your friends and family. Today, I jonathan zajac the inventor of the flame flow moonshine still am proud to announce that we have been awarded a patent for our Flame Flow moonshine still. The Patent Number Is 10,561,960. Those are some sweet numbers, about as sweet as the shine will taste off your still from my company. There are some people I would like to thank who contributed to help making this product a reality.

First I would like to thank my father who also builds stills Steven Stillz. He taught me how to do this business and what to focus on and without his knowledge and guidance I would not have been able to think of something this cool and unique. It is hard enough trying to replicate his quality and style, now I can confidently say “hey dad, where’s your patent at”?. Thanks dad

2nd, I want to thank my competitors and haters. If it wasn’t for you I would not have created the flame flow. Over our almost 8 years in the industry I have seen many try to replicate and copy what my father and myself are doing with this overall design. I wanted a way to be different and a way that NO ONE will ever be able to replicate. Thank you for trying to copy my design, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have thought of this idea. And to the haters, lets see you refute 10,561,960. I would love to hear it after you dig through 23 pages of literature 😊

3rd I want to thank my mother for always telling me to get a real job. I really hate that stuff so once again I would like to take the time to tell her, ya, see, I did something else really freaking cool that would never have taken place at a “real job”. I love you mom, but u should really come here and brew up some shine on this flame flow with me!!! I love you

4th I want to thank a guy named chad Parkhouse. He is MIA for the past 3 years but this guy is the original guy I bounced the idea off of with and he helped with the trial tests and the literature for the patent lady and overall just pushed me to get this done and spend the money. It was his words of how badass the still was after he tested the first one that really made me want to get the patent, so chad if you are out there I would love to hear from you, ive been calling and emailing. I hope you are doing ok.


Lastly, I want to thank our customers. Hopefully by now you know I don’t mess around with basic stuff. I want the best or it is out the window and onto the next thing. If it does not save you money or time, I do not offer it here at our business. I am looking forward to saving my customers thousands of days, millions of hours if possible. Because every time you fire up our flame flow moonshine still you are going to save yourself at least 17 minutes. This is a undisputed, patented fact. Thank you all for being a part of the distillery network. We will be more than happy to accept any and all orders of our PATENTED flame flow moonshine still technology. It has even been dubbed “ one of the biggest advancements in distilling in the past 200 years” I don’t know if that is true or not, but now I can confidently say that my patent is APPROVED. And just one last thing, today as I was leaving the mailbox with the patent numbers in my hand, as I was walking to the door I swear the door swung open from the wind and I thought to myself NO WAY this flame flow is really going to open up a lot of doors, but then as I traveled to the big bay door I realized it was broken so I needed to back track and walk all the way around the building and I realized that no matter what door opens, there will always be roadblocks. Hard work and dedication will always be in front of me and I will always prevail and work through anything that arises. This is not the end for jon zajac and the distillery network. This is merely the beginning. Thank you.


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