220v Electric Heating Element W/Controller

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220v Electric Heating Element W/Controller For Moonshine/Liquor Stills 

This is our 220v electric heating element w/ controller, brought to you by American Copper Works. It can easily be installed in any of our units.  Finally, you can plug your unit right into the wall and play with your still.  This is a bad-ass upgrade that any intermediate and experienced distillation expert has experienced.  We take pride in the units we use for our copper moonshine stills.  That's why we always use the same manufacturer for all of our electrical needs.  These guys have over 50 years of combined electrical component history under their belts.  They know what they are talking about, and if you ever need to talk to them, just let me know and i will introduce you to them. 
The cost here is the controller, its nice, and will let you easily keep your still in the appropriate temperature range.  
Standard Orders (All other orders): 1 - 3 Weeks to Ship


The unit will be in the box and shipped out of our shop within 1 - 3 Weeks. This means we need 1 - 3 Weeks to get the unit out of the shop and out for shipment. Therefore, your unit should arrive within 30 days or less. Our prices reflect the time it takes to build the unit as well as the cost of the materials. Our prices fluctuate constantly, therefore, if you want the best price make sure you call a customer service representative to negotiate.
Typically the 220v units are installed on moonshine stills 10 gallons and up. Once you get over 40 gallons, we recommend adding a second electrical heating element to the unit to speed things up.  If you want an electric unit and it is under 15 gallons, you will be fine with a 110v unit.   If you have any questions you can contact us @ 1-603-997-6786  Jon Zajac American Copper Works. 

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