ADVANCED - Craft Distillation Unit

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What is an Advanced Moonshine Still ?

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An Advanced Copper Moonshine Still built by American Copper Works is the best product that we produce.  This is our high end model and has all of the add-on's and accessories needed to put this copper still in a class of its own.  Advanced Units automatically come with our patent pending Flame Flow Technology built into the pot which reduces scorching for a finer tasting liquor.  Our Advanced units also come pre-installed with blow off valves, extra temperature gauges, thicker copper, larger drain plugs, upgraded thumper and worm sizes, upgraded size of pipes, upgraded size of condensing coil.  Advanced Units come Highly polished, it takes around 2 hours to polish by hand.   If you are looking for a high quality, top end, Advanced Moonshine Still then look no further.  American Copper Works Advanced Moonshine Still Model will not disappoint you.

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